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Our First Beer - SaisON (August 11, 2020)

Light. Floral. Rustic.

Our inaugural brew at Llano Beer Co. is a traditional Saison brewed with @saisonniere (friend and lover of the style), historically brewed to quench the thirst of seasonal farmhouse workers in Belgium and France. This one was built on low ABV for sessionability, employing a substantial amount of wheat and oats for rusticity and smooth body. A delicate Old World hop presence balances with a bright and subtle bitterness, pleasant floral and grassy notes. Classic Saison yeast yields additional notes of spice and stone fruit, and a dry finish that beckons you for more. This version got an extra dose of hops during fermentation (dry hopping) for added hop freshness. Lastly, kegs were naturally carbonated with local natural honey from Fain’s Honey for enhanced mouthfeel and subtlety. Light yet complex, mature yet lively. Patience has it’s reward, and now it’s ON!