Llano Beer Company - The Story
Llano Beer Company was opened by Tina and Peter Joza on April 15, 2020 right in the middle of the Coronavirus global pandemic.
Our goal was to bring the absolute best beer from around the world to the Hill Country with over 50 craft beers on tap.
Tina had been a real estate investor and agent for well over a decade and Peter worked as a software architect.
We had lived in Bee Cave for the previous 10 years and also wanted to start a brewpub, but knew it was too expensive in Bee Cave.
Tina’s family has roots in Llano so we were familiar with the city, in 2018 we purchased an old house near the courthouse to renovate.
After falling in love with the old house, we decided to sell our house in Bee Cave and move full time to Llano.
In August of 2019 we purchased the old barber shop and joining offices in a late 1800s building in the Llano town square.
Over the next few months we completely gutted the building back to its bones to start with a clean slate for Llano Beer Company.
The building received all new electrical service, plumbing, HVAC and new framing and flooring was also put in.
Originally we thought we’d have around 25 taps for our draft system, but after much debate 50 was the number we ended up with.
We only wanted the best for Llano Beer Company, so we contacted Quality Draught out of Houston to build our system.
Everything in our draft system is top of the line from our draft lines to stainless steel couplers and flow control faucets.
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Llano Beer Company Tap Wall
Even with having such an amazing draft system installed, we decided that there was still something lacking with our vision.
We then decided to become a brewery and not just sell the best beer from around the world, but also brew our own unique beers.
After much research we decided to go with an electric one barrel nano system from Spike Brewing in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
One barrel would allow us to create small batches that we could share with our guests to Llano Beer Company and not weigh us down.
This size system would also allow us to be adventurous with our creations and not worry about costs of a large batch not turning out well.
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Llano Beer Company Brewing System
Our first beer, a low ABV Saison, was brewed on May 31, 2020. It was a great beer to test our system and see if any issues came up.
Going forward we plan on brewing the most interesting beers we can come up with and serving the best beer from around the world.
We have some great ideas for Llano Beer Company going forward, so make sure you keep up with us!

Tina and Peter